MY Challenge is the brainchild of KDU Education Group and is supported by Paramount Corporation Berhad. It is a mega interschool talent competition orchestrated to challenge students in a multitude of events, one that will test their participation, leadership as well as teamwork. It is not an event designed to identify winners only but also a competition that hopes to inspire students and also unleash hidden talents. Hence, the main objective of this competition is to provide a platform for all secondary schools students to showcase their talents in the field of performing arts and creative design.

MY Challenge is based on the methodology of the smart school concept. It strives to provide students with holistic learning. Students learn and experience school life with a difference. They learn things that cannot be taught in a classroom or read in a book. In provides students the opportunities to experience, to lead, to organise, to communicate, to be creative and to be confident.

MY Challenge also aims to instill positive values among the teenagers, specifically leadership skills, teamwork, time management, and a sense of responsibility and ownership. It is only through events like this that personal development and character building can be improved and the unity among students can be fostered. Racial unity can also be promoted as supporters cheer for their friends without ethnic discrimination and prejudice.

KDU University College will be hosting the Olympic-inspired MY Challenge 2013 commencing in June. This competition allows secondary students in the Klang Valley aged 12-19 to take part.

The Challenge Committee is responsible for choosing the dates and venues for the various competitions. The competition programme, consisting of the challenges contested, is also determined by the Challenge Committee.

Every participating school will be sending a contingent of students led by the Teacher Advisor and Team Captain to participate in a minimum of one and a maximum of six challenges introduced this year. Auditions and preliminaries will be carried out in June to shortlist the qualifiers to perform at the semi-finals/finals in July. The top five finalists of the stage events will then compete for gold, silver and bronze medals at the Grand Final in August. Besides the medals, the winners will also win some other attractive prizes including certificate of achievement, cash, etc. The one school that obtains the highest score will be announced as the Champion School of the Year and will receive the MY Challenge Trophy and RM20,000 cash.

In years to come, MY Challenge is expected to grow to a scale where every secondary school in Malaysia will be represented. This competition also constitutes a major opportunity for corporate sponsors to participate in a good CSR initiative to be part of the process in developing teenagers.












  Deadline extended to 13 June 2013
  for Band, Modern Dancing,
  Photography and Short Film due to
  exam period and holidays.

  No further extension will be

  Photography and Short Film
  workshops both held concurrently
  on the 31 May at KDU UC
  (DJ campus).
  Time of workshops:
  3.00 pm - 4.15 pm

  Solo Singing – 1 June
  The registration list is out.
  Check MYC Facebook.
  Time of auditions:
  Slot A (9.30 am - 11.30 am)
  Slot B (11.30 pm - 3.00 pm)

  Culinary Arts – 5 June

  The 2-min video clip for omelette
  cooking is due on the 5 June.

  Photography – 14 June

  Please email all entries
  to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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