Friday. 31 May 2013
KDU University College


Friday. 19 July 2013
KDU University College

 Themes (choose one)

  1. Enhance self-realization/self-discovery.
  2. Support and promote peace, e.g. scripts exploring the hardships and/or consequences of war.
  3. Empower youth to build healthy inner foundations.
  4. Build respect for cultural expression and identity in Malaysia.
  5. Raise awareness of environmental issues or conservation of energy.

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MYC2013 Short-Film-half 

 Competition Rules

  1. Each school may send a maximum of 5 teams comprising 4-8 students each. Each student can only participate in one team.
  2. The video should preferably be captured with a video camera and/or mobile phone with video function. 
  3. Each entry must be submitted in DVD-video format that is playable on most DVD players and laptops. All entries are non-returnable. 
  4. The total length of the short film (including introductions and credits) MUST NOT exceed 5 minutes. Each entry must be attached with a synopsis in no more than 100 words. 
  5. The short film should revolve around the themes set. You are allowed to interpret the theme in any way you see fit. Marks will be awarded based on originality and creativity. 
  6. Short films submitted MUST NOT have been previously published in any form. The participants must be the original photographers who own the copyright of the photographs submitted. The copyright of the image remains with the photographer. 
  7. MY Challenge reserves the right to exhibit or reproduce any entry in whatever way deemed fit for exhibition and for any online publicity and promotional purposes without prior notice, consent or payment of fee whatsoever to the participants. 
  8. All entries must reach the Challenge Committee before the deadline. Entries received after this date will not be entertained. The Challenge Committee will not be responsible for damaged, misdirected or lost entries. 
  9. The judges' decision is final and no appeal will be entertained. Participants must adhere to the following competition rules for point rewards:
    (a) Must contain credits (e.g. producer, director, scriptwriter, designers, cast, crew, etc, which could be placed at the beginning or at the end) and sound effect/music accompaniment if suitable to the theme.
    (b) Must not contain overexposure of human body/nudity, vulgar and offensive language or movements, content that is sensitive to race, religion, gender, politics, disabilities, age, homosexuality, and any other potentially sensitive issue. 
  10. Any expenses incurred for the production of short film is to be completely borne by the participants and cannot be claimed from the Challenge Committee or presenter/co-sponsors. 
  11. The final product of the short film must be original and cannot include content from other sources, whether licensed or unlicensed. This includes, but is not limited to, taking sections from commercial movies, and/or sections from freely distributed online videos. Any unjustified plagiarism will lead to automatic disqualification. 
  12. The Challenge Committee reserved the right to modify or substitute any of these rules from time to time without prior notice to the participants.


    1       Story, Script & Language
    2       Creativity & Production Design
    3       Concept, Direction, Originality
    4       Production & Editing
    5       Acting Skills & Interaction among Actors















  Deadline extended to 13 June 2013
  for Band, Modern Dancing,
  Photography and Short Film due to
  exam period and holidays.

  No further extension will be

  Photography and Short Film
  workshops both held concurrently
  on the 31 May at KDU UC
  (DJ campus).
  Time of workshops:
  3.00 pm - 4.15 pm

  Solo Singing – 1 June
  The registration list is out.
  Check MYC Facebook.
  Time of auditions:
  Slot A (9.30 am - 11.30 am)
  Slot B (11.30 pm - 3.00 pm)

  Culinary Arts – 5 June

  The 2-min video clip for omelette
  cooking is due on the 5 June.

  Photography – 14 June

  Please email all entries
  to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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